OK, well I've given up with Stickman Spy now, as i cant be arsed to get the voice actors to do exactly what i want, so now ive gone onto doing music videos rather than original crap lol.
My first video is going to be 'snuff' by slipknot, probably the most meaningful acoustic song i have ever heard, ith so much passion in it, and im looking at different interpretations of the lyrics to be able to put a story in the video, but my interpretation of it is that Corey's ex wife to prove that she cares about him but when he does stuff to hurt himself she doesn't care and he wishes he could not love her so he could do something to hurt her but he cant because he loves her too much and that 'he couldnt face a life without her lights'
please leave a comment expressing your interpretation so i can make a decent story :)

Voice actors now wanted!

2010-06-22 12:46:20 by pointawesome

Hey There,
Im starting a second casting of my animation-in-progress, 'Stickman Spy: Carbon' (which btw has nothing to do with NFS Carbon) as my computer crashed and i lost all the auditions of previous people, and i cba to get them again so im just starting again, the characters i need, and what type of voice they have is in the list (you can apply for as many as you want, just dont be sure of getting them if you get one!):

Stickman - A posh london accent
Python - a general-esque voice, some american accent or preferably an accent sort of like captain price in COD
Carbon Junior - an american accent, doesnt really matter which
grey hair guy - eastern european accent
burger guy - french accent

the script is here:
http://pointawesomeproductions.eu5.org /
pick the line for the character you would like to do and send me an email with an attachment of a few takes to: pagey94@live.co.uk

If anyone could do music for the series as well, that would be great, a james bond style kind of intro, and you can do music over scenes if you would like, you know, the kind to add tension and stuff :D, but that would be after ive finished the initial animation :D

My site for xenogenocide

2010-05-23 04:23:57 by pointawesome

heya guys, ive just finished making the frontpage for xenogenocide site that he said i could do, its looking pretty awesome considering ive spent only about 5 hours in it, maybe more considering the amount of work i had to do on the graphics


new erspective

2010-04-17 11:40:06 by pointawesome

juat like i said i would, i re-did the lounge for my animation, took me about 2 hours in total to get all the right angles and everything, hope you like it.... all comment welcome :)

new erspective

first screenshot

2010-04-12 16:31:44 by pointawesome

hmmm.... i like it, but any tips?
EDIT: i realised i didnt put shdows for the tv in, ill be sure to put them in when i next go on t :)

ok, there is guynna be another version of this drawing, because i realised you can use rulers with graphics tablets, DUH! lol, and i might di it at a slightly different perspective, becausqe this one seems a bit too... square, if you know what i mean :)

first screenshot


2010-04-12 14:41:26 by pointawesome

amazon have finally delivered my graphics tablet that ive been waiting for for a week, so be expecting an animation in the next two months :)


2010-04-05 13:26:54 by pointawesome

well seeing as my other submissions got banned, im at the beginninf of a new project, in which i am actually taking time to animate, and finally using a graphics tablet, which is what ive always needed, as my mouse art skills are very CRAP!

well expect to be seeing this new submission called 'stickman spy' in the next month :)

first flash

2010-03-29 12:27:28 by pointawesome

im currently in the middle of creating my first flash project, well i say project, i mean test kinda thing to let me gain experience, and to see what you all think of my style :D