Entry #8

Starting yet another new project

2010-07-16 12:44:36 by pointawesome

OK, well I've given up with Stickman Spy now, as i cant be arsed to get the voice actors to do exactly what i want, so now ive gone onto doing music videos rather than original crap lol.
My first video is going to be 'snuff' by slipknot, probably the most meaningful acoustic song i have ever heard, ith so much passion in it, and im looking at different interpretations of the lyrics to be able to put a story in the video, but my interpretation of it is that Corey's ex wife to prove that she cares about him but when he does stuff to hurt himself she doesn't care and he wishes he could not love her so he could do something to hurt her but he cant because he loves her too much and that 'he couldnt face a life without her lights'
please leave a comment expressing your interpretation so i can make a decent story :)


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2010-07-29 12:47:08

slipknot dont do "meaningfull" songs, they do shit songs.


2010-07-29 12:51:09

ignore comment below I was being a prick