My site for xenogenocide

2010-05-23 04:23:57 by pointawesome

heya guys, ive just finished making the frontpage for xenogenocide site that he said i could do, its looking pretty awesome considering ive spent only about 5 hours in it, maybe more considering the amount of work i had to do on the graphics


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2010-05-23 04:49:34

it's a bit crowded but it's cool!
and there's a dead links,then appearing you're host.
the subdomain you got is cool.

pointawesome responds:

thanks, im currently fixing the broken links by the day, so be sure to check back every now and again. it doesnt have to be done for another two weeks now thank god, i can actually take time on som seperate aspects of it (im doing it for my school music project thing, dont ask) lol